Cyanna in Swing set overalls

Cyanna in Swing set overalls

Friday, January 1, 2010

FB, Blog, Twitter aaaagggggghhhhhhhhh!!!

To tell you the truth I have very little desire to air my thoughts and happenings on to the world ! But since reading a few blogs I have learnt that my favourites are ones that give you an insight into someones inner thought, the funny examples of confusion they feel or just the reasons why they have done things and the funny events that happened because of it..There is one that I think is called the neurotic mum or something similar and now I'm not one to get into reading blogs ( very short attention span) but this had me really drawn in. She explained how torn she was between her desire to be a "green" household and her need to use the clothes dryer etc as she had too many kids and too little time. I just somehow felt I knew this lady or that she would be great to know and overall it was just FUNNY ..I have sworn to myself that this year is the year of social networking for me, getting to use all those free marketing tools we have at our disposal (like blogging hehe) and so I suppose this is a blog to get me ..well..back into the blog so to speak..We are about to launch our summer 2010-11 range so I will be on every possible spot telling anyone who will listen about that but I think I will try to keep my blogging more about funny happenings and other peoples fabulous things rather than too much about our label.. And the good thing about not having many followers is that you feel you can say just about anything you like really Woo hooo for free speech (pardon the free networking pun) I look forward to blogging more often and hope someone out there in blogland is listening. It's like putting a message into space and waiting for the reply that there is someone out there lol.


  1. Of course we are listening ( and reading ! )Everyone has their own style and their own rules as to how much they actually put out there to others.
    I think thats the great thing about blogging, you can comment, not comment, read, not read, follow, not follow, then tomorrow change your mind and no one will know !
    It's all networking and it's all interesting and fun!
    Miriam AKA mumma bubba

  2. Oh bless you! It is all a bit much at times and yes, I loose it, but then get back into it all again.... I think a blog is great when it has a bit of everything in it - bits of your biz, your life, other stuff to link to etc. And sometimes a picture says it all.
    I must admit I haven't been commenting on many blogs at all lately (too busy), but now it's time to give a bit back!
    Enjoy yourself and others will follow.