Cyanna in Swing set overalls

Cyanna in Swing set overalls

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Range Bubba's !! Need I worry?

So recently it has come to attention that my child is...shall we say.. free range ! There is very little routine in our house, no set in stone bed time, no definite day sleep time and no "you must sit at the table to eat your dinner". We ( the so called adults in the family ) kind of feel we are raising a child who rather than being forced to do things at a time that suits us, is choosing his own way and shedding less tears in the process. Our little man is about to turn 2 and when we put him to bed at 7:30 if he really isn't tired he gets up and bangs lightly (at first) on his door with his empty bottle to let us know he thinks being in bed is for losers and we actually go and let him out !! Much to the disgust of many parents. He runs out very excited to have some overtime on the field and while we may secretly think "dammit thought we had some quiet time " we love having him up. When things get a little crazy we know it's time for bed and usually he doesn't fight because he is then too tired. Sometimes he puts himself too bed also. During the day when he gets tired he sleeps in his bean bag sometimes, when watching Rory the race car has just been too taxing and other times he sleeps in bed ! There are sometimes massive tantrums when we are shopping because he can't have the 5th ball or car he has wanted that week and they say the least..embarrasing.! so it is at these times I wonder if things would be different if we were the parenting equivalent to Hitler ? Would he say " sure..I didn't really need that car anyway mum...put it back" ? Who knows ! My little sister runs her house totally differently to ours, there is a routine and there are arguments with her 3 year old about it quite often I'm told
but her children are well mannered and seem quite controllable !! Not immune to a tantrum though ! I do come from an area where there are hippies a plenty and where running free is more valuable than all the money you could round up so maybe it's rubbed's a little of the hippy in me shining through ? But I cross my fingers that my child will feel free to express himself as he gets older but never to the detriment of anyone else and that he will be respectful
of other peoples choices. I think that's what we all want, I just wish someone had the manual for kids that guaranteed it. Just thought I'd share one of the monumental tanty's with you..look at that angry face !!

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  1. Ok, I know this post was forever ago and goodness knows where you are now on the parenting path but I would still like to say - go you! By doing all those things you were following your instincts and doing what felt right for your family. Its easy to look at other families and think that they are doing a better job sometimes but all we can do is follow our hearts while it's working, and make changes if it's not till it does again. We follow what I have just been told is an extreme path, an although we look fairly conventional we are really 'hippies' not very far beneath the surface. I hope your year has been amazing and that you and your family are well :) x