Cyanna in Swing set overalls

Cyanna in Swing set overalls

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Adventures of Albert

So this is Albert
Albert was a model in our fantastic winter shoot ( he was more of a prop but we don't like to tell him ). Albert had a girlfriend...her name was Barbie, while Albert was away on assignment he decided that he had to split up with her due to the fact that Barbie was to superficial, high maintenance and quite frankly with both of them being models now there schedules were just to hectic. This is all very lucky as not long after he saw pic's of Barbie in "New Prop Weekly" holidaying with that ex of hers Ken ! Yes, Albert has been a little heartbroken so he took a little time to relax. Albert's not your usual model, he's not just an airhead and likes to brush up on his reading. Note the Dr Phil !! he likes to " get real " and "get excited about his life ". So while he was on his stop over at our house on his way back home, Albert cought up with some old friends, he still likes to kick it with the real people ! He went on a bit off a bush walk , took in some sun and lazed by the pool. All of this helped with his heartache I think and we packed him off home back to his manager Victoria at . Barbie has been seen getting about everywhere and we have told him it was all for the best, the plastic fantastic is no match for the all natural ,non allergenic qualities of Albert.x

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